EVENT TIP: NTMY "POTT WARRIORS" DJ-BATTLE Pt.1 - 24.03.2012 @ Goethebunker, Essen

->CLICK<- and ->CLICK HERE<- for further informations in respect of this hilarious event by NTMY that refers to one of the coolest gang-movies from the 70's. If you were born within the 70's you definitely comprehend what this is all about and hence you're the lucky one. If not - tough luck! You were the misfortune one and definitely have to make good for it now! Take your chance and take it while it's hot.

Pt. II and III of the Battle for Kingdom is following soon - therewithal Pt. III (19.05.2012) is of huge importance: THE TERPSITONISTEN will enter the battle and fight for your underground!!

Beneath you can find some well done podcasts - the courtship dance of the first combatants of this battle. Let's see who's the first having an orgasm here.

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