Thanks again for your lovely little review regarding our label & mix tapes. TERPSITON likes KEEP-IT-DEEP and everybody else should do.

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Today TERPSITON pays homage to GOLTONE RECORDS & PROJECT X RECORDS (and of course to the same titled punk-project from that time as well)

Project X Records did the original pressing of this house-classic by JOVONN. WE love it!!

This one is a collaboration between Jovonn and David Patterson on the T.Lavora - Smoke Room ep


Watch out for and listen to the lovely and soulful vocals by Anke Preuß!! Her voice will be heard in some dope underground house music




Terpsiton #E - Collagen

This time TERPSITON are presenting their first compilation called "Collagen". 
collage (From the Frenchcoller, to glue) is a work of formal art, primarily in the visual arts, made from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole. 
And that´s what this record is all about. Musicwise this means on the A-Side the holy ANTON ZAP (Ehtereal Sound, UQ) delivers a intense, authentic and slow burning cut. Additionally on this side Terpsiton want to introduce a new mystery called CHORDULA that brings you an extraordinary and smashing retroesque track just to tear every dance floor apart.
The B-side starts with the label-dandy KAI VON GLASOW and another love song for the broken hearted.  "How to love" not only shows you how to love but how to dance at all. Last but not least Terpsiton present another new artist duo named HAMPEL&NIKI who stands for raw, stomping and disco-like old school sounds, enough said. To formulate this record: punk house at its best, but think for yourself and listen!!

Terpsiton #Dis - THE SCENE

TERPSITON are proud to welcome to the gang the new faces of the scene and old friends of the label called themselves THE SCENE.
This strongly and catchy headline is wisely chosen and named after the legendary Detroit based TV-Show that turned usual men into celebrities over night. It absurdly and hilariously demonstrates how to get a name and how to get fame just by being marked as a celebrity. So, these well talented guys that are totally into the deep and underground house stuff vault themselves into the scene by releasing this ass-kicking and groundbreaking record that is full of catchy and lovely hook lines, forcing kick drums, intense arrangements and a true passion for the house movement as it was back in the days. On two songs (Feist Movement & Lab) The Scene is supported by two other new gang members soon to be well known namely as NIKI and FRANZ B. WERNER who add their feel and taste of quality music. A unique blend of individuals, great sounds and real emotions that will make history.
Never mind the celebrities - here comes THE SCENE!!

TERPSITON MIX TAPE "Hollaka Hollala" by the holy RVDS!!

Terpsiton MIX TAPE "Hollaka Hollala" (by RVDS) by TERPSITON