ANNOUNCEMENT: VFMM #001 PRE-SALE just started right now!!

So behave wisely and ->CLICK<- here for the first pre-sale for the outstanding VFMM - Manifest#001 record online. Soon to be followed by all the other smart and quality record-shops worldwide, whose names we don´t especially need to drop here.

The story of liberation begins and will be perpetually uphold - LONG LIVE THE VFMM, LONG LIVE TERPSITON!!

(in addition: don't be confused about the titles of Side B - Tim Schumacher: those are displayed totally wrong on Deejay and should be adjusted soon. We never ever heard of "Doggyfizzlemywristforshizzlewhatever" and "Aldo Cadez" before and don´t want to in the future. The right track-titles are as follow: B1 - SOMAMAN and B2 - I LUV YA - This is classy and appropriate house. xoxo)

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