TERPSITON plays the infamous TANZFLUR event @ AZ MÜLHEIM - 18082012

->CLICK<- for further informations and details on this legendary event-series called TANZFLUR. Everybody who already joined and experienced one of the hilarious TANZFLUR nights full of enlightenment and pleasures @ AZ MÜLHEIM knows what we're talking about. So don't miss this chance - maybe for the very last time. Celebrate with us and the TANZFLUR CREW the comforts of life until the sun begins to rise again. EXPECT LOVE, EXPECT SEX and EXPECT JOY!!

The TERPSITON WOLFPACK this time consists of KAI VON GLASOW, JAKOB and BEN MUDI - we play HOUSE, we play OUTSIDE and we begin at 18:00 sharp (until 22:00) -  but don't forget to listen to the sets of the other cool guys following us thereafter like FRAGMENT (deeply associated with TERPSITON), MULTIMENSCH and THEELECTRICTASTE. Besides those recommendations for House/Techno you can expect a diverse musical alignment on the main floor (just check the details on their page for timetable etc.). LOVE TO THE MOVEMENT, xoxo

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