EVENT TIPP: JAN SCHULTE & JULES @ SUMMERSUFF pt. I - 22/07/2012, Düsseldorf

->CLICK<- for further informations on this very pretty event under the open sky @ HALLE-MENSCH in Düsseldorf. Tomorrow is the prelude of a three-part-series and JAN SCHULTE (TFGC, TERPSITON & VFMM) & JULES (WORK/RISE) are going to drop some raw and fancy wax there. TERPSITON andhe VFMM DIVISION will play the second part of the series on 5th of August, then you can also expect some heavy underground house-music.
The sun is rising tomorrow and it's going to be a hot summer-pleasure, join TERPSITON/VFMM and drop by to listen to the wonderful sound of the MOVEMENT, xoxo

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