->CLICK<- or ->CLICK<- for this pretty new label founded by a friend of TERPSITON called Damien Zala. Help him to realize the project of creating a new home base for THE REAL HOUSE MOVEMENT. In his own words Damien describes the quality of the label:
"The purpose of the label is to promote sweet house music with an open mind. We appreciate classic tunes as well as modern and conceptual approaches. In the midst of the digital era, we are still supporting vinyl and analogue hardware."
The very first release on ROWTAG RECORDS is his own full length album called "Lonely Happiness" which brings you a wonderful mixture of intelligent and complex house productions in modern ways paired with the charming rawness of classic Chicago sounds and the driving force of a snotty techno record.
All in all this one is highly recommended and will hopefully smooth his way. Listen to it wisely and watch out for the upcoming releases. This one will be another important bastion to keep the UNDERGROUND alive.

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